Web Quest

This web quest is called Go, The Distance! It directly correlates with my TWS unit on types of measurements.  While using the quest students will be able to learn more and practice each of the measurement types we had talked about in class.  As you go through each stage of the web quest, it begins to get harder.  The students will begin the quest by measuring lines that they have made with their pencil.  From there they must advance to harder measurement skills such as equivalent measurements.


Go, The Distance! is a great tool for teachers and also allows students to broaden their setting from normal lectures.  The website is laid out to specifically target each SOL, but does it in a unique way.  Students will begin to strengthen their knowledge as they go through the quest.  It also allows students to work in partners or alone.  This is great because again it allows students to have more options in what they want to do.   This will be a good resource to relate to when I am estimating and measuring things around the classroom.  There are seven different “laps” that the students must complete in order to finish the web quest.  Click the link below for more information!




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